A novel approach to
solid tumor therapy

Personalized cell therapy for the most difficult to treat cancers.

About Us

Innovative Approach

We have made proprietary enhancements to Nobel-prize winning discoveries to enable rapid production of personalized cell therapies for treating solid tumors of the brain and body with targeted delivery of well known toxins.

Strong Intellectual Property Position

This has been a focus from day one.  We have retained Cooley LLP in Palo Alto, California to review current applications and prepare and prosecute future filings of Falcon to ensure a well protected platform technology.

Emphasis on Scale-Up Methods

Delivering life saving therapies to patients is our goal.

Using enabling technology and continuous process improvement is the way we will achieve this.


Our Approach

Proprietary Trilogy Cells

We have created a new approach to cancer therapy.  We are walking around with our own personalized cancer therapy today!

 A patient's own skin cells are converted into tumor-homing stem cells that hunt down and kill cancer cells.  

Platform Technology Benefits

Rapid Tumor Homing 

Broad Therapeutic Potential

Fits into the Current Standard of Care

Combo-Therapy Application Potential

Targeting Difficult to Treat Cancers

We started our journey with GBM, and quickly realized that  our Trilogy cells have a much broader application for a platform technology.  While GBM remains a focus, we have added ovarian cancer as our lead for human trials. We not only target cancer cells in the primary tumor,  we also target metastatic cancers that have traveled to other areas of the body.

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